Our broadband services provide you with an always on internet connection suitable for your home or business.

With a range of options designed to suit your needs including ADSLSDSL and Fibre services and usage tariffs providing for all requirements our broadband delivers real quality of service.

We will automatically offer you the fastest service possible on your line when you place an order with us. If a faster option becomes available later we'll make sure to offer it to you.

Switch to us - it's quick and easy

If you already have broadband with another supplier you can switch to us. The process is very easy - all you do is obtain a MAC from your existing supplier and place an order on our website. We handle the rest for you.

Free Online Backup for all of our broadband customers. Unlimited backup for unlimited PCs and Macs means your files, photos, music, movies, etc are all safe.

Family Broadband

Enjoy the internet at home with our Family Broadband service.

High speed and high quality broadband lets you browse the web, listen to music, play games, share your photos and home videos and much more.

Choose between ADSL and Fibre for the service that meets your needs.

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Business Broadband

Designed specifically to ensure high quality for business applications during normal office hours (Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm) our Business Broadband service delivers quality of service and great value.

We offer ADSL, SDSL and Fibre services giving you the choice of the service that best suits your needs.

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