Family Broadband

Our Family Broadband services are designed to provide fast internet access for your home, enabling you to enjoy online communications, music, gaming, sharing your photos and videos and much more.

To provide peace of mind our service is backed by UK based technical support available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Remember you get free Online Backup with our broadband.

Delivering Quality Service

In order to ensure that our broadband service always delivers the best quality of service we implement network management systems to give priority to the most sensitive applications such as web browsing, email, VoIP, gaming, etc.

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ADSL Broadband

Up to 24Mbs Download / Up to 1.3Mbs Upload
Free Migration (except when moving from an LLU service)
Free Usage Period from Midnight to 8am Mon-Fri and all day Sat/Sun
Static IP address as standard
One month minimum contract - no long commitments

Package Details

Product Bandwidth Allowance Price
Family 1 1GB per month £14.56 Order Now
Family 3 3GB per month £16.64 Order Now
Family 30 30GB per month £19.78 Order Now
Family 60 60GB per month £30.20 Order Now
Family 90 90GB per month £40.64 Order Now
Family UNLIMTED Unlimited Usage £23.99
Order Now

Fibre Broadband

Super Fast Fibre Broadband. Download speeds of up to 80Mb/s
Professional engineer installation and free modem
Free Usage Period from Midnight to 8am Mon-Fri and all day Sat/Sun
Static IP address as standard
Only 12 month minimum term contract

Package Details

Product Bandwidth Allowance Price
Family 30 30GB per month £25.99 Order Now
Family 45 45GB per month £34.99 Order Now
Family 90 90GB per month £47.99 Order Now
Family 120 120GB per month £59.99 Order Now
Family 150 150GB per month £71.99 Order Now
Family Unlimited Unlimited Usage £35.99 Order Now

Profile 1: Up to 40 Mbs Download / Up to 2Mbs Upload
Profile 2: Up to 40 Mbs Download / Up to 10Mbs Upload
Profile 3: Up to 80 Mbs Download / Up to 20Mbs Upload

For Profile 2 add £1.50 per month
For Profile 3 add £3.90 per month

These services are Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and do not require replacing the BT phone cable coming into your home.

Fibre Broadband requires the installation of either a Fibre Broadband modem as supplied by BT Wholesale and installed by the BT engineer or a customer supplied Fibre Router which must be installed within 2 meters of the BT master socket within your home. 

Please ensure that you have an available electricity power socket suitably close for enable installation.

Activation, Cease and Optional Charges

Activation/Migration Charge: £48.00 for ADSL / FREE for Fibre
Cease Charge: £37.35 (not application if you migrate away with a MAC)
FastTrack Order Processing: £145.00 for ADSL / £222.00 for Fibre

Regrade to Business: £6.00
Change Service Profile On Fibre: £18.00

Enhanced Care: £12.50 per month
Annex M Upgrade: £10.00 per month

8 IP Addresses: £15.60
16 IP Addresses: £30.00

All of the above prices include VAT at the standard rate.

Top-up Options

In the event that you use all of your monthly bandwidth allowance you can purchase a topup to ensure continued high speed service.

Product Additional Allowance Price
Top-up 10 10 GB £10.38
Top-up 25 25 GB £24.98
Top-up 50 50 GB £49.00
Top-up 75 75 GB £73.00
Top-up 100 100 GB £95.95
Ad-hoc extra Per 1GB £1.31

All prices for Family services are quoted inclusive of VAT at the standard rate.

The speeds indicated for Broadband services are the maximum possible speed for the DSL carrier signal. The actual maximum throughput speed for each line will vary depending upon the quality of the physical cabling, distance from the exchange or cabinet and the quality of the customer equipment. Maximum usable speed is approximately 13% lower to allow for DSL and TCP/IP protocol overheads.

Top-up bandwidth allowances do not expire until the bandwidth allowance is all used or the service is ceased or migrated away. The additional bandwidth allowance carries over from month to month until it is all used up.

* The Activation/Migration charge is payable in respect of new activations and migration from LLU and Cable broadband service providers. There is no charge to migrate from a standard, non-LLU, ADSL broadband service.

** FastTrack is designed to activate broadband as quickly as possible. If it is not possible to do so within 48 hours the activation will be processed as a normal order and the FastTrack fee refunded. Note that 48 hours refers to 2 working days and does not include weekends, public holidays or other times when BT Openreach is not handling orders such as during times of extreme weather, industrial action or other circumstances beyond their reasonable control.