Service Status Update

The server hosting the UKFSN web service started to develop problems so it was necessary to migrate to a new server urgently. Doing so meant a major software upgrade as the old hosting environment was rather dated.

Unfortunately the current version of Debian has changed a number of system components that are critical to the UKFSN service including 3 specific changes which caused serious problems on the new platform which did not manifest until after the migration had been done. Some of these were very difficult to diagnose and required a lot of work to fix.

It's taken several days to get things sorted out but I think everything is working properly as of this morning.

There are a small number of things outstanding but they should not be affecting customer email or web sites. The 2 things which will affect customers are that the UKFSN website and Control panel are on the old platform so changes to email and web/database systems will not carry through from the Control Panel and that the old UKFSN webmail service is broken - customers should use the new webmail service at if they need web access to email.

The final thing that will affect some customers is that FTP access is no longer available to update web sites. We have always provided SFTP which is a secure replacement for FTP and now this is the only supported method for uploading/downloading files to the service.

Jason Clifford